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The ESA/ESO Astronomy Exercise Series
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Exercise 7 - The Distance to M100 as Determined by Photometry of Cepheid variable stars using the EU-HOU SalsaJ Software

In this exercise we obtain the photometric data of three Cepheid variable stars in M100. The original data from the Hubble Space Telescope is available in a reduced form to make it somewhat easier to locate and measure the Cepheids. The results are used just as in exercise 2 to obtain the period-luminosity relation for the Cepheids and thereby the distance to M100. Furthermore this exercise includes the topic of cosmology since M100 is a galaxy far away the measurement of its distance enables us to give an estimate of the so-called Hubble parameter, H0, which is a measure of the age of the Universe.

To get a printed version or a CD-ROM with PDF-files and images, please contact one of the contact persons.

Exercise 7 PDF files

The data files (FITS) and an Excel spread sheet